1:87 A4 size Forest Railway Mini Layout" : Kobo Nana Rokuuni 1:87 3009

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Pre-painted complete layout by Kobo NANA ROKUNI, HO Narrow (1/87), human height is about 2cm size
Size (including pedestal and case): approx. 323 x 236 x H250 mm (area of layout part is A4 size)
Track length : 9 mm
Minimum curve radius: approx. 75 R
Available vehicles: Small two-axle cars and some bogies
. Lighting: bulb coloured LED (powered by AA battery box underneath the base, switch can be operated on the front panel)
Note: Supplied with a dust-proof wooden lid to fill the space left by the stream when the case is covered
Note: Running power supply is not included. Please bring your own power pack.

Note: Running power supply not included. �@Power supply (with pin jack)
Note:The carriage comes with the two carrying bogies (with original logs) shown in the photo, the power carriage is not included.
Note:The colour tone of the images may vary from the actual product due to your monitor model and settings.

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A small collection point in the mountains.

As soon as the worker, who skillfully handles the taut wire, calls to his partner in the collecting machine, a number of logs start to cheat.

A small layout, but one with a lot of attention to detail in the way the wires are strung and the small details. A bridge over a stream, a power generating shed and a lorry are just some of the highlights.

This is the first new work in two years from the popular layouts of Kobo NANA ROKUNI!
A4 size.
A4 size. Even if it is condensed and downsized to the limit, the workmanship of Kobo NANA ROKUNI remains unchanged.
Not only the structure, but also the workers are heavily modified based on the old kit in white metal. They have been posed to fit the scene.
In addition, although it is not supposed to collect lumber at night, it has been illuminated with light bulb LEDs. (Switch on the front panel)
It's a great scenic piece on its own, but you can also use it as a 1/87 9mm narrow-body mini-layout with a separate power car and power pack.
We hope you enjoy it!

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