1:87 A4 Size Mini Light Mining Station Layout" : Kobo Nana Rokuuni 1:87 3008

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Pre-painted complete layout by Kobo NANA ROKUNI, HO Narrow (1/87), human height is about 2cm size
Size (including pedestal and case): approx. 320 x 230 x H200 mm (area of the layout part is A4 size)
Track length : 9 mm
Minimum curve radius: approx. 75 R
Available vehicles: Small two-axle cars and some bogies
. Height above ground in the hopper: approx. 27 mm (above the rail tread)
Illumination : Light bulb coloured LED (CRD-controlled for 3 to 12 V DC or can be powered by the built-in AA battery box)

Note: A running power supply is not included. Note: Running power supply not included, please bring your own power pack or similar.
(with pin jack for power supply) �@(with pin jack for power supply)
Note:The three red-brown trolleys shown in the photo are included, the power car is not included.
(with power supply pin jack) Note:The colour tone of the image may vary from the actual product due to the model and settings of your monitor.

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A small mining company in a rural area...

It is a small but profitable business.

This is a small layout, but it includes a hopper, a bridge over a stream, a filling station and a cutting, so you can see it from all directions.

This is a condensed version of the popular layout from the Nanarokuni workshop, reduced to the limit!
Even in a smaller size, the construction remains the same. The hopper, the choke point and the structures have all been meticulously scratched. This is the first time we've built a model with such a small footprint.
The topography of the mine is used to create a three-dimensional scene that never gets old.
The detailing is of course uncompromising, from the intricate LED lighting to the workers slacking off in the shadows of the shed.

It's a great way to get a feel for the city.

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