Late Afternoon at the Mining Site" Display stand: Workshop Einarokuni, painted 1:87 3003

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Pre-painted 1/87 size (HO Narrow) by Kobo NANA ROKUNI

Case dimensions: 305mm x 218mm x height 155mm
Gauge: 9mm
Includes 4 dolls and 1 trolley (fixed to the ground)
Acrylic case included
. Car is not included

The lower section of the railway track ensures running performance. On the left hand side, the tracks are arranged at an angle that allows the connection and extension of PECO point rails. (Any modifications must be done at your own risk.)
Only short vehicles such as trolleys can be placed under the loading facilities (hoppers). Locomotives may come into contact with them.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A small mining company in a town.

Although small, it seems to be profitable because of the rare ore it produces.
(Rare metals, in the modern sense of the word.)
Is it lunchtime? It's lunchtime, isn't it? The man on duty has brought in a kettle of tea. If you look carefully you can see a big lunch box.

Some of the workers are still working, but it looks like they are on their lunch break.

This is the work of the new model workshop "Nanarokuni".
Nanarokuni... As you may have noticed, the name is taken from the narrow gauge 762mm gauge, and this work is also HO narrow.
This is the first time that we have had the opportunity to work on a Narrow Gauge model.

For more finished products from the model workshop "Nanarokuni", please visit here

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