1:80 Armillary Signal [Departure Signal] for Main Line: Kobo NANA ROKUNI Finished product 1:80(HO) 1078

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Manufactured by Kobo NANA ROKUNI Pre-painted 1/80(HO) person height is about 2cm size

Workshop Einarokuni" Full Scratch Structure
Size: approx. W 20 x D 20 x H 81 mm (total height includes 2mm for base plate)
The LEDs are CRD controlled. The LEDs are CRD-controlled and require a separate power supply from 3V to 12V DC to light up.
The installation requires drilling of about 4 mm diameter and a base of about 10 mm thickness.

Note:The arms move in conjunction with the up and down movement of the dead weight can.
Note:The colour tone of the images may vary from the actual product depending on the model and settings of your monitor.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

Brings back memories of looking up from the trackside!
This is a model of an armillary signal system where the vertical movement of the deadweight rod is mediated by an escape crank, just like the real thing, and the rod can be switched between fixed and counter-position.

A full-scratch work from individual parts by the craftsmanship of Kobo NANA ROKUNI.
The body is made by brass soldering, delicate and strong enough to withstand movement. Note:
The ladder is made from a single piece of 0.4 mm thick wood, with each step cut out of a single piece of wood, giving it a crisp, undistorted appearance.
Compared to previous models, the arm panels are more detailed and the crank section is smaller/ and more three-dimensional.
With a separate power supply of 3 to 12V DC, the signal is lit by a bulbous LED and a lens on the armboard.

(Note: The model is strong enough to be used as a model, but it is only a model and should be handled with care.

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