1:87 Brick Water Tower with Heating Chamber : Kobo NANA ROKUNI Finished product model 1:87(HO) 1067

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Manufactured by Kobo NANA ROKUNI Pre-painted HO (1/87) person height is approx. 2cm size

Brick water tower with pump house
Dimensions: approx. W 75 x D 119 x H 107 mm
Tank width: approx. 47 mm
Material: brass, nickel silver, ABS, wood
. Suitable voltage: 3 to 12 V DC

Note: A separate power supply is required to light the LEDs.
Note: Water pipes are assumed to run underground.
Note:The water nozzle rotates.
�@�@Note: The water supply nozzle rotates and is slightly rigid to prevent it from falling out.
Note:The colour tones of the images may vary from the actual product depending on the model and settings of your monitor.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

The red brick water tower, with its Meiji era appearance, has been modeled in 1/87 scale by "Kobo NANA ROKUNI".

There is no specific prototype, but the specification includes a heating chamber to prevent freezing in winter.
It is low in height for its outer diameter, giving it a solid appearance.

The water valve, which moves up and down, is faithfully reproduced, along with a scale to indicate the water level and a water nozzle that swings from side to side, in a setting that has been "improved to a link system for better working efficiency".

All piping and chimneys are soldered brass, and the workmanship is remarkable.

As always, the ladder is made of Western white.
Every step of the ladder has been cut out!

Both the main body and the pump shed have integrated LEDs, with brightness control by CRD, so that they are not too bright to spoil the emotion.
The pump hut is also screwed to the base from the back and can be removed for relocation.

This is a must-have structure for any steam era scene.

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