Numajiri Railway - River Girder Type Water Tank ver.2016 : Kobo NANA ROKUNI Finished product 1:87(HO) 1065

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Manufactured by Kobo NANA ROKUNI Pre-painted HO (1/87) person height is approx. 2cm size

Numajiri Railway River Girder Type Water Supply Tank ver.2016
Size: approx. W 44 x D 75 x H 54 mm
Tank width: approx. 33 mm
Material: Brass, Nickel silver, ABS, Sun module (resin)
Note: The water pipes are assumed to run underground.

Note:The colour tones of the images may vary from the actual product due to the model and settings of your monitor.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

The Bandai Kyuko Electric Railway, once known to people as the Numajiri Railway.

The water tower at Kawajiri Station, a major station and connecting station to the Ban-Etsu-Nishi Line, has been modeled by "Kobo Nanarokuni".

The tank is made of steel and the pedestal has an unusual six legs.
The concrete base has cracks in places and is beginning to show its pain.

The tank is made of ABS and the base of the tank is made of resin blocks, using the right materials in the right places to create sharp edges and rough surfaces.
The water inlet is made of soldered brass.

The ladder is made of white. The material chosen for the ladder is white brass, which is much easier to work with than brass, as it would distort the ladder too much.
And all the treads are cut out step by step!

The pump house has a damaged tin roof and clapboard. It can also be removed from the base and relocated.

A great addition to any light railway scene!

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