Single Letter Tin Roof Light Railroad Depot : Kobo-Nanarokuni Finished product HO (1:87) 1050

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Manufactured by Kobo NANA ROKUNI Pre-painted HO (1/87) human height is about 2cm size

Approximate size: approx. width 87mm depth 133mm height 60mm
Width: approx. 39.5mm Height: 43.5mm
Note: 4 LED lamps pre-installed.
Note: All LED decorations are available with a power supply of 3 to 12 V DC, with current regulation by CRD.
Note:The colour tone of the images may vary from the actual product due to the model and settings of your monitor.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a full-scratch piece of work by "Kobo Nanarokuni", a company that has been creating narrow gauge railways such as light railways and forest railways.

There is no particular setting for the prototype, but it is dressed up as an extension to an actual locomotive depot at Toyo Katsushoku Shirado.
In the premises, two small locomotives can be accommodated in the condition of a bed of eels.

In addition to this, there are also a number of other features that make this model stand out from the crowd, such as the meticulous construction of the frame and the thinly milled clapboard side panels.

The roof is removable and is fitted with four LED lamps, two in the yard and one each at the entrance and exit.
The LED's have been reduced from their original brightness to give a more realistic effect.

This one is outstanding as always!
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Note: All LED decorations are CRD current regulated and can be used with a power supply of 3-12V DC.
Note:The colour tone of the images may vary from the actual product due to your monitor model and settings.

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