Light Railroad Depot with Vehicle Storage, Gasoline Metering Tank (Tajima Type) : Kobo-Nanarokuni Finished product 1:87(HO) 1038

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This is a full-scratch "Kobo NANA ROKUNI" production of a filling station and a weighing tank, to enhance your light railway or forest railway layout.
As always, the construction, painting and weathering of each part is superb!

The filling station is a two-storey structure with a car depot on the ground floor.
I can imagine entering and exiting the first floor from an external staircase.
The roof of the first floor can be removed.
Illumination is by 3 LED bulbs with CRD.
Available in 3 to 12 volts DC.

The weighing tank is a petrol weighing car with the bogie removed,
It is modelled on the one seen at Tajima on the Kiso Forest Railway.
It is also possible to replace the bogies if you provide them separately.
The bogies can also be replaced if required.
Note:The colour tones in the photos may vary from the actual product depending on the model and settings of your monitor.

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