Toyo Katsusei Shirado Exclusive Line Engine Depot : Kobo Einarokuni Finished product 1:87 1032

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Pre-painted 1/87 size (HO) by Kobo NANA ROKUNI

Approximate size: Width 54mm Depth 145mm Height 80mm
Opening: 28mm wide (because the centre line of the engine house is offset from the centre line of the track), 31.5mm high (from the top of the attached track)
Note: There are two bulb coloured LED lights. There is a lead wire extending from the bottom of the back corner of the engine room, and a connector with a constant current diode is attached to the lead wire. This allows you to input 3-12V DC and enjoy the lighting conditions.
The included track is a modified Pico 9mm narrow gauge with a removable ash pit. The roof is also removable to allow for the addition of an interior.
Enjoy incorporating them into your own dioramas and layouts.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This small engine house is perfect for light railway and forest railway layouts.
The prototype is a locomotive for the Toyo Active White Earth exclusive line.
It has a door like a north country depot.
The door is very unusual. The real thing is 610mm gauge, but the model is 762mm (converted to 9mm narrow gauge)
There are some differences from the real thing that existed, but I think I was able to reproduce it with 1/87.
The interior is also furnished with accessories as it should be, and the lighting is LED bulbs.

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