Hokkaido Type Water Tower : Kobo NANA ROKUNI Complete Painting 1:80(HO) 1016

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Pre-painted 1/80 size (HO) by Kobo NANA ROKUNI

Building size (excluding base): approx. W65xD115xH105mm (tank diameter 57mm)

Original (self-made full-scratch) work.
Prototype is the water tower of Okiado station, Ikehoku line (I made it based on a model magazine, but some parts are arranged, so it may be different from the real one)
Note: 1 LED light is already incorporated in the interior. The wiring (with connector) comes out from the bottom of the work, and it lights up by putting 3V DC. The building is screwed from the back side of the base plate and can be removed.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The cold weather, Hokkaido type water tower has been modeled by the workshop Ena Rokuni, which is particular about water tanks and water towers.
The unique octagonal roof, round tank and hexagonal tower are difficult to model but have been beautifully reproduced. The overall impression is of a clean and intrepid appearance.
The rivets and detailed chains are all fully scratch-built to perfection.

The reason for this price is that the model workshop "Nanarokuni" even made their own jigs to make the production more efficient. The price is unbeatable, to say the least!

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