MR150-301 Plastic Crash Cushion : MATSURI MODELS Unpainted Kit N (1:150)

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Unpainted kit by MATSURI MODELS 1:150 size

Set includes
Cushion drum body: 4mm diameter x 6mm height x 10 pieces
Printing paper (printed cushion drum pattern)

The photo shows an assembled and painted example.
This product is unpainted with support for 3D printing.
Please detach it from the support and paint it before use.

When detaching the support, use nippers that can cut well and carefully detach the support so as not to put a load on the part itself.
When painting, use a primer or similar primer to prepare the surface.
The parts may be deformed or damaged by high temperatures or ultraviolet rays. Store and use the product away from high temperatures and sunlight.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

These are scenery parts from MATSURI MODELS, a garage manufacturer focusing on parts for model trains.
3Recreate familiar landscapes with delicate, realistic parts made with a 3D printer.

Simply place it over the road and the colors of the cushion drum will enhance the scene!
is a good choice for you if you want to be prepared in the event of an automobile accident!

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