Super Minifigure 3: The Company Employee of That Day Set: PLUM Finished product HO (1:80) MS042

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Pre-painted by PLUM, HO (1/80) size

Super Mini Figure 3: The Company Man of the Day Set

Part Number: MS042
Number of figures: 5
Length: approx. 20mm
Material: PVC
Note: Due to the hand-painted nature of each item, there may be variations in the quality of the paint.
Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a 1/80 scale size pre-painted doll.
The set includes five dolls, all in a seated position: a man dozing off, a man reading a newspaper, a woman fiddling with her mobile phone, a woman holding a bag, and a woman resting her bag on her lap.
Simply place them in railway cabins, on platforms, roads or bus stops to make your model railway or diorama look more realistic.

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