HS035-00028 Old Police Officer[JP] : figreal finished product 1:35 00028

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Painted 1:35 scale figure made by figreal, doll 5cm in size

1 police officer figure

Important: Please note the following before using the product
1. Before opening the plastic bag, please check the product inside for any damage or defects.
Please note that we will not be able to replace the product once the plastic bag is opened.
2. This product is output by a 3D printer. Please note that lamination marks are inevitable due to the manufacturing process.
3. The product is not as strong as general plastic. Please handle the product with care as it may be damaged if it falls over, is dropped, or if excessive force is applied. If the product is damaged, please use a small amount of adhesive to repair it.
4. Due to the shrinkage inherent in resin products, thin parts are prone to warping and bending, but please understand that this is unavoidable due to their characteristics.

Note: The images shown are representative scale images for common use. Prototypes are included in the images.
The circular acrylic base is not included in the product.
Miniatures other than figures are samples for photography. They are not included in the product.

This product was developed in collaboration with Hakoniwa Giken and Sakatsu Gallery.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a product of figreal, a new brand that delivers unprecedentedly realistic dolls.
Although the figure is small, it has unprecedented high definition detail and precision coloring, and is so complete that it can be viewed on its own.
Combine with high-quality miniature cars and scale models of airplanes to recreate realistic scenes and dioramas.

Many figures from can stand on their own, but they can easily be damaged if they fall or drop.

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