Toreiin Sand-Burning Hut and Sand Tower: Takumi Diorama Craft House - Finished product HO(1:80) 1048

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Takumi Diorama Craft House, painted and finished, 1/80 size

Base Kit: Advance Products

Sand-burning hut: W:235mm, D:85mm, H:100mm
Sand feeding tower: W:85mm, D:35mm, H:100mm

Note: The part with the image of a pipe connecting the sand-burning hut and the sand feeding tower is detachable. It is made of brass and can be bent slowly to fine-tune its length. If you provide your own similar parts, the positioning is flexible.

Note: The layout (diorama) is for photographic purposes only, no dolls or rolling stock are included.
Note:Please note that the colour of the photos may differ from the real thing due to your monitor's model, settings, colour tone, etc.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A sand baking shed and a sand feeding tower were built as facilities around the engine house.
In railways, sanding increases the frictional force (in railways it is called "adhesion") and can be controlled to prevent spinning or sliding. In this case, the sand must be dry and silky to be effective, which is why a sand baking shed is needed to remove the water from the sand.
The window frames come with paper parts, but we wanted to give them a wooden feel, so we replaced them with 0.4 mm thick aviation veneer, laser cut. The walls are clapboarded with ST wood. The wood was coloured with ST colours, which I later changed to a more muted whitish colour. The roof has been replaced with Sakatsu roof tiles instead of the kit's stick tiles.
The sand feeding tower is a double-wire type (two-wire independent tank type) with the general pillars constructed of angles. The sand feeding pipe to the locomotive was changed to a 0.8 mm pure white wire. The painting was done with an airbrush so that the paint would spread to the inside of the steel frame.

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