Toreiin Gantry Crane and New Double Track Coal Tank : Takumi Diorama Craft House HO(1:80) 1047

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Takumi Diorama Craft House, painted and finished, 1/80 size

Dimensions (coal feed tank): W:425mm, D:184mm, H:232mm
Note: One CRD-controlled LED (with cap to diffuse the light softly) is already electrified. Simply apply 3-15V DC to the lead wire coming from the bottom of the model to enjoy the night view easily.
The lead wires are designed for easy wiring. It is easy to integrate into the layout.
Two rails for moving the crane are included.

Note: The rails and vehicles shown in the photo are for photographic purposes only and are not actually included.
Note:Due to the model, settings and colour tone of your monitor, the colour of the photo may differ from the actual product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is the very work for which the production article was published in the April 2018 and May 2018 issues of Toreiin magazine.

This time, I made a paper kit for 1/80 16 called "Gantry crane and new duplex coal tank" which was released last year by Advance Co.
The Gantry crane and double track coal tank is one of the indispensable coal feeding equipment for large locomotives.
This combination was common in relatively large locomotives all over Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. This gantry crane in particular is of a familiar form as it is a model of what we call the standard type.
This model is based on a number of sources and has been modified to give a realistic impression.
The height of the coal tank and the inspection platform are different for tracks with a roadbed and for flexible tracks. The height of the work is designed for flexible track.
When completed, this is a large structure and looks very nice. However, if you want to build it by yourself, it is very difficult to do so unless you are familiar with the kit.

Note: The spacers underneath the building were used for photographic purposes only and are not included.

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