Regional Bank : Takumi Diorama Craft House - Finished product HO (1:80) 1044

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Takumi Diorama Craft House, painted and finished, 1/80 size

Measurements: W:125mm, D:100mm, H:85mm
Note: 4 CRD-controlled LEDs (with caps that diffuse the light softly) are pre-lit. Just apply 3-16V DC to the leads coming out of the bottom of the model to enjoy the night view easily.
The lead wires are designed for easy wiring. It is easy to integrate into the layout.

Note: The spacers under the building were used for photographic purposes only and are not actually included.
Note:Due to the model, settings and colour tone of your monitor, the colour of the photograph may differ from the actual product.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

In addition to its economic role, the bank has a number of distinctive buildings, many of which are listed as Tangible Cultural Properties.
This work is based on a kit made of laser cut 1mm cardboard, but the kit is considered as a material and is full of original details such as colours, columns and lights.
The exterior wall surfaces are made of old concrete with a painted base to give a chunky impression, and the cut stone window decorations are made using a new technique called filtering paint.
The original kit was not designed to be illuminated at all, but in this work, the interior wiring is not shown at all, but is illuminated. A total of four electric colour LEDs are installed, two on each floor.
The pillars at the entrance and in the rooms have also been changed from triangular to circular pillars in order to achieve a "character".
The name of the bank is also in cut-out characters.

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