Nittori Receiving Office Signboard Architectural Type : Takumi Diorama Craft House Finished product set HO(1:80) 1043

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Takumi Diorama Craft House, painted and finished, 1/80 size

Measurements: W:103mm, D:86mm, H:75mm

Note: One CRD-controlled LED (with cap to diffuse the light softly) is already electrified. Simply apply 3-15V DC to the lead wires coming from the bottom of the model to enjoy the night view easily.
The lead wires are designed for easy wiring. It is easy to integrate into the layout.

We've made it even easier to integrate it into your layout. The ground is also in a familiar colour. We've also used a material that is easy to colour match, so that you can easily match the existing ground colour scheme.
The spacers underneath the building were used for photographic purposes only and are not included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

It used to be that every station had its own Nittsu office or receiving office. In the past, every station had its own office or receiving office.
This time, we made such a receiving station for Nittori in a "small and easy to use" size. The exterior of the building is a rough mortar blown signboard. The silhouette of the sign is round and bulges upwards, but it took a lot of work to make it. The conspicuous red "MARUTSU" is a three-dimensional logo sign. The tall windows are made of custom-made laser-cut parts, which may have been used as a light source. In the night view, the shadows of the large window frames fall to the ground, creating a very emotional effect.
It is a good contrast to the current sawhorses hanging near the entrance and the retired sawhorses standing quietly at the back.
The electricity meter on the side of the building is a point of interest.

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