Railway Track Team with Trolley : Takumi Diorama Craft House - Pre-Painted HO (1:80) 1016

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Takumi Diorama Craft House, painted and finished, 1/80 size

Measurements: W:130mm, D:60mm, H:60mm
Note: CRD-controlled LEDs (2 lights already illuminated. Simply apply 3-16V DC to the leads coming out of the bottom of the model to enjoy the night view easily.
The lead wires are designed for easy wiring. It is easy to integrate into the layout.

The whole thing is placed on a 2mm thick board, so that it can be easily integrated into layouts. The ground is also in a familiar colour. We have also used a material that is easy to colour match to the existing ground.
The spacers underneath the building were used for photographic purposes only and are not included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

There used to be various filling stations in the station and beside the tracks.
In the past, there were a number of filling stations in stations and beside the tracks.

The model for the "Track Team Tsumesho with Trolley" is the one that existed in the 1930s and 1940s. It is a simple building in the style of a shack, but it also has relatively large windows in the style of a modern Japanese railway company.

The very "austere" finish of this choke point is emphasised by the way in which the corrugated tin panels on the roof and eaves are finished. This has been achieved through extensive observation and the use of modern painting techniques.

The floor and base boards of the building are made of thin sheets of Kiso cypress.
The sliding doors and window frames are laser cut from 0,4mm aviation veneer to enhance the texture.

The room is furnished with wooden desks and chairs, and a kettle can be seen, probably for eating lunch. There are safety flags on the walls, a blackboard with a schedule of work, a calendar and a safety slogan. There is also a locker which is beginning to look discoloured.

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