Worker's Quarters (Tiled Roof) : Takumi Diorama Craft House - Pre-Painted HO(1:80) 1007

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Takumi Diorama Craft House, painted and finished, 1/80 size

Measurements: W:110mm, D:50mm, H:50mm
Note: Pre-decorated with two CRD-controlled LED lights. Just apply 3-16V DC to the leads coming out of the bottom of the model to enjoy the night view easily.
The indoor wiring is concealed from view, the soldered parts of the wiring are insulated with heat-shrinkable tubing to prevent shorts, and the lead wires are designed for easy wiring. The lead wires are also designed for easy wiring.
The spacers under the building are used for photographic purposes only and are not actually included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

A structure like a steam whistle
It's a small structure, but just having one on the side of the track makes it feel more like a railway
. It is a small structure, but it makes you feel the railway.

You can imagine as much as you like.
We have created a choke point that will help you to expand your imagination.

The windows are laser cut in a pale light blue.
The H-shaped chimney sticks protrude from the wall and there is a simple yellow iron fence in front of the doorway.
Under the pitched roof there is a water supply, a sink and a two-layer washing machine.
The sink sits on a well of square timber.
The roof is tiled and the gutters have been installed.
The colour of the corrugated roof and eaves is basically the same as that of the rust-proof paint, but has been aged based on observations of the actual building to give it a more aged appearance.
The hipped roof and eaves are reproduced in near-realistic construction.

The paintwork is not only in ST colours, but also in MIG and AK paints, pigments, washings and pastels for depth and to emphasise the texture. Chipping and other modern techniques are used.

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