Oak leaf (green) : Jo-Fix material 1:35 scale JF254

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Made by Joefix Studios (JOEFIX STUDIO'S) 1/35 scale (human height is about 5cm size) Material

Laser cut, pre-coloured, paper palm leaves.

Oak Number of sheets: 1 coloured and cut sheet shown in the image

Note:The colour tone of the picture may vary from the actual product due to your monitor model and settings.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a paper oak leaf in scale 1/35 scale.
The material is laser cut and pre-coloured, and has a realistic texture that you would not expect from paper.
When made into a tree, it is equivalent to approximately one tree.
The leaves of the oak tree, a very common street tree in Europe, are reproduced in laser cut, coloured paper.
It can be used as it is, without any effort, and is easy to glue or repaint.
Useful not only for dioramas but also for camouflaging vehicles and soldiers.

Note:The colour tone of the pictures may vary from the actual product due to the model and settings of your monitor.


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