3 houses in a row signboard architecture C Color Ver.: Baioudou HO (1:87) pre-painted kit ST-005-87C

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Painted kit HO (1:87) scale by Baioudou, dolls approx. 2cm in height

Third in the Signboard Architecture Series
Signboard architecture of 3 houses in a row C Color Ver.

Part Number: ST-005-87C
Finished size (including installation base): 52mm (W) x 116mm (D) x 96mm (H)
Material: Paper

Note:Assembly requires a utility knife, tweezers, and glue.
Note: Dolls are not included.

YouTube [Yoichi Miyashita Showa Model Workshop] Making Baioudou Signboard Building Series (3) Facework and Paint

YouTube [Yoichi Miyashita Showa Model Workshop] Building Baioudou Signboard Building Series (3) Assembly and Completion

The Japanese retro design is an attractive paper kit from Baioudou.
is processed by laser cutting.

This product is a "color version" that uses pre-colored colored paper and can be assembled to look like the example.

Of course, it can be painted over as usual.

Baioudou HO(1)

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