Broken Clay Pipe : Baioudou HO(1:83) Unpainted Kit AC-021-83U

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Unpainted kit by Baioudou, 1:83 scale (also recommended for 1:87-80) dolls approx. 2cm in height size

Broken clay pipe

Part Number: AC-020-83U
Quantity: 3 pieces (1 of them is broken expression)
Material: Nylon (3D printed)

It is made of nylon and the surface will have a slightly rough texture.

This unpainted kit is designed to look like a broken clay pipe.
One of the three parts is broken and can be made into a cracked clay pipe by gluing the broken side.
It is made of nylon and has a slightly rough surface.

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Note: Since support material is attached, please remove it by cutting carefully with nippers, etc.

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