Hindenburg LZ 129: Aerobase kit 1:1000 C002

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Metal kit by AEROBASE 1/1000 scale

Hindenburg LZ 129

Part number: C002
Size: Length 25cm, Max. diameter 4cm
Number of parts�E½F101
Contents�E½Fmetal plate parts, instruction manual
Production time: 8 hours or more (if you are familiar with plastic model production)
Material: Stainless steel, white metal
. Note: For production you will need a cutter knife, tweezers and instant glue.�E½@

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Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

A kit to make a model of an airship by bending metal plates.
It can be made with just a cutter knife, tweezers and instant glue.
No special tools are required.

This product is modeled after the German super giant airship "LZ129 Hindenburg", which started its operation in 1936.
It was used as a passenger aircraft to cross the Atlantic, but crashed the following year in 1937 after an explosion just before landing.

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