Crow type flying machine (brass) by Chuhachi Ninomiya : Aerobase Kit Non-scale B008

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Brass kit by AEROBASE, non scale

The Crow Chuhachi Ninomiya Crow Type Flying Machine (Brass)
The Crow is made of brass and has the same shine as the original colour of the brass.
Wingspan: 90mm
Number of parts: 11
Accessories: Assembly instructions, display stand

Information compilation: Sakatsu Gallery

This is an aero-based kit that is easy to assemble for beginners and the finished product will satisfy even the most advanced user.

This is a display model of a crow type flying machine, said to be the first rubber powered plane to fly in Japan.
The design is based on the display model, said to have been made by Chuhachi, which remains in the flying shrine in Yawata City, Kyoto Prefecture.
The characteristic eyeballs are reproduced with stickers. No glue required.
The shine is the same as the natural colour of the brass.
Also available in a black coloured version.
Black dyed type

No glue required, please prepare a cutter knife and tweezers.

Straight Tweezers
Precision Tweezers (Crane Neck Type)
Precision Cutter
Modellers Knife

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