Tunnel liner, underground open-cut type, pack of 2: Molin material N (1:150) TL-51

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Made by Morin Material N(1/150) Size

Product Name:Tunnel Liner Subway Open-cut Type
Part Number: TL-51
Quantity: 2pcs
Dimensions: width 37mm x height 52mm x depth 50mm
Material: Mirafoam ĩ

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a material for making tunnels yourself.
This is useful for representing the entrance and exit of an underground as it emerges from a tunnel to the surface.
You can create an underground interior by cutting one side and connecting the other.

The material used is Mirafoam ĩ, and the colour of the material is grey, which makes it less noticeable as a base when painting.
Of course, you can also enjoy this product in its original colour.

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