Powdery Material Country Grass (7) Dead Grass Color : Morin Material Non-scale CS-07

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Made by Morin Material Non-scale

This material is ideal for sprinkling on the ground to represent a meadow.
Natural wood powder is coloured with acrylic paint, which does not fade when wet.
Available in a total of 7 different colours!

Package: Pack with lamination zip
Content: 120 ml (approx. 24 g)
Material: Natural wood (acrylic dyed)
Part number: CS-07

Note: Color tones in the photos may differ from the actual product depending on the model and settings of your monitor.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

This powder material is suitable for expressing grassy areas such as lawns and undergrowth.
The material is made of natural wood powder coloured with acrylic paint, which does not fade when exposed to water.
Each colour can be mixed to create your own colour.

For the adhesive fixing of country glass, we recommend "Wood glue".
The first step is to apply Wood glue undiluted to the base with a brush or bristle.
Sprinkle with Country Grass, using a coarse tea strainer.
When the glue has dried, shake off the excess country glass and you have a finished product.
Dilute wood glue by more than half with water and add a drop or two of mild detergent to improve penetration.

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