Special Finished Product Angkor Wat -Cambodia- : Baacha World Painted Finished Product 1:2400 VM-012F

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Pre-painted 1/2400 size by Baacha World

<1/2400 World Heritage Series>
An accurate reproduction of mankind's greatest megastructures in 1/2400 scale.
Accurately sculpted to scale from a 3D printer!

Contents: Pre-painted complete diorama with acrylic case
Size (including case): approx. width: 150mm depth: 150mm height: 103mm

Physical data
Country of origin: Cambodia
Date of construction: Early 12th century

Information compilation: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a special finished diorama work, assembled and painted by "Bacha World", who has prepared elaborate kits of World Heritage models.
The surrounding terrain, the pedestal and even the acrylic case are all available.
You can display it as it is and enjoy it as a gift.

The 1/2400 scale model of Angkor Wat, Cambodia's most famous Buddhist and Hindu temple, built in the 12th century by Suryavarman II of the Angkor Dynasty.
For a long time, the "Gion Seisha" in the Tale of the Heike was misidentified as Angkor Wat, and has been worshipped by many Japanese since the Middle Ages.

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