Citadel Dry Kindleflame: Games Workshop Matte Paint 23-02

Citadel Dry Kindleflame: Games Workshop Matte Paint 23-02

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Water-based paint made by Games Workshop (Games Workshop Group Plc)
Images are for illustrative purposes only. Please note that the actual colour and texture of the product may vary.

Citadel Dry is a special paint formulated for dry brushing at a high concentration (about the consistency of mayonnaise).
Dry brushing is a quick and easy technique for creating highlights on the convex surfaces of miniatures to enhance the detailing.

Features of CITADEL colours:
A non-toxic, odourless, water-based acrylic paint.
Water-based acrylic paint, non-toxic and odourless. No need for special solvents, just tap water for dilution. It can be applied directly to plastics, metals, resins and soft materials such as soft vinyl.
The paint can be applied directly to plastic, metal, resin and soft materials such as soft vinyl.
Applications: Plastic models, white metal, resin and various other model painting applications
Net quantity: 12ml

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

These Citadel Colours have been formulated to have the consistency and density of mayonnaise. A very small amount is applied with the tip of a brush, blended on the palette and then rubbed over the convex areas of the miniature to highlight and enhance the detailing.
Normally, the dry brushing technique involves wiping off most of the paint from the brush and rubbing the little paint left on the brush tip to create subtle highlights, but Citadel Dry greatly reduces the amount of paint to be wiped off, making it leaner and more efficient.
This water-based paint is as easy to use and extendable as the normal Citadel colours. Originally developed as a paint for miniature battle games, it is ideal for brush painting small models. The paint has almost no smell and can be diluted with water or washed with a brush until it is dry, making it a good choice for beginners and those who are concerned about the eyes of their family.
After drying, it becomes water resistant and will dissolve when rubbed with lacquer solvents, but it is not a problem to paint over it with model paints.