Japanese Cypress Table and Chair Set: Cobani Unpainted Kit 1:12 scale WZ-008

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cobaanii mokei workshop assembly kit 1/12 scale

Japanese Dollhouse Miniatures "Wa no Zukuri" Series
Recreate the traditional karma in the world of Japanese style dollhouse.
Finely cut by laser cutting machine.
Dimensions: Seating table / W90 D65 H29 mm
�E½@�E½@�E½@ Seating / W30 D46 H41 mm
�E½@�E½@�E½@ Tatami / W151.5 D76 H4.5 mm
Material: Seating table / Japanese cypress
�E½@�E½@�E½@ Seating / Special wood plywood, cloth, paper
�E½@�E½@�E½@ Tatami/Plastic

Note:Table: 1 Chair: 2 Tatami mats: 2 tatami mats (shoji screens are not included).
Note:The first image is a production image, the actual product is shown in the second image.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The "Japanese Construction" series is a series of 1/12 scale models of traditional Japanese techniques.
The architectural fittings that are essential for Japanese houses are reproduced in the world of Japanese dollhouses.

These models feature modern Japanese style seating tables, chairs and tatami mats to match a variety of spaces.
Combine with figures, incorporate into a dollhouse, etc.

Note:Zataku: 1 Zataku: 2 Chairs: 2 Tatami mats (Shoji screens are not included)

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