Room with stairs Living room A: Cobani unpainted kit 1:24 ss-021

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COBAANII mokei workshop unpainted kit 1/24

1/24 Small Diorama SeriesSmall Diorama Series
Living Room (A) with Stairs
A stylish diorama that looks great even without painting. The diorama is easy to assemble, even for women.
Dimensions: approx. height 137, width 130, depth 97 mm
Material: Special wood plywood, special cardboard, plastic board
Note: Can be connected to the SS-022 "Study". For assembly, please prepare cutter knife, tweezers, wood glue, instant glue, and model paint if you like.
Note:The image is provided by the manufacturer and is an example of an assembled and painted model. The product is unpainted.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a 1/24 scale "Small Diorama Series" which exudes a stylish atmosphere.
The kit is designed to give you the feeling that not only does the room exist, but that there are people in it.
The kit is easy to assemble for the first time and does not require colouring.
Note: Can be connected with part number SS-022 "Study".

To assemble, you will need a utility knife, tweezers, wood glue, instant glue and model paint.


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