Football Team D <Long Throw> (Throw-in, Player) : Icom Finished product Non-scale MLL-2027

Football Team D (Throw-in, Player) : Icom Finished product Non-scale MLL-2027

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Pre-painted by Icom, Non-scale (recommended 1/144 - 1/160) Adult dolls are approximately 1.2cm tall

Contents: Dolls of football players in uniform, 4 dolls in total
Material: Pewter (low melting point alloy), fully hand painted
The photos are provided by the manufacturer and may differ in colour from the actual product.

Information compiled by Sakatsu Gallery

This football team series is perfect for the J-League, World Cup and other football scenes.
These pre-painted, metal figures come with a base, so they are easy to display and enjoy.
The figures are extremely small at just 1.2cm tall.
1/144 scale diorama, N-gauge model railway layout, mini bonsai accessories and many other ways to enjoy.


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