Traveller 1 : Icom Pre-Painted Non-Scale MLL-2014

Traveller 1 : Icom Pre-Painted Non-Scale MLL-2014

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Pre-painted by Icom, Non-scale (recommended 1/144 - 1/160) Adult doll size approx. 1.2cm

Contents: Traveller towing a suitcase, 4 dolls
Made of pewter (low melting point alloy), fully hand-painted
. Photos are provided by the manufacturer and may differ from the actual product in colour.

Information compiled by Sakatsu Gallery

This pre-painted, metal figure comes with a base so you can easily display them side by side.
The figure is extremely small, approximately 1.2cm tall.
1/144 scale diorama, N gauge model railway layout, mini bonsai accessories and many other ways to enjoy.

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