Worker Figurine A type 2 pieces : Suzume Model Unpainted Kit HO(1:80) SZM-HO-DW-A

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3D printed parts made by Suzume Model 1:80 size dolls approx. 2cm in height

Set Contents
Railroad worker figure Pose A unpainted x 2 pieces

Recommended for track maintenance workers, yard workers, railroad freight workers, switchmen, etc.

How to use
The support is not completely removed at the time of modeling, so please use a file or design knife to prepare the figure for use.
Paint can be applied as is, but it will look better if it is sanded.

Note: The photo shows a painted example, this product is not painted. Train cars and scenery are not included. The unpainted photo includes the painted one with the buffed finish.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

These realistic dolls can be used as railroad workers, etc.
Features natural poses and fine details, even the wrinkles in the clothes are expressed.
Please enjoy painting it with the coloring that matches your own vehicle, such as light blue or gray.

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