ArtTree Broad-leaved Tree M-2 (Height: 5cm, 2 pcs) Summer (MG) : JYOKEI-KOBO Painted Non-scale 1103

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JYOKEI-KOBO Production - Complete Tree Models - Non-scale

2 M (approx. 5cm) size trees

Trunk: Steel wire, water-based acrylic paint
Leaves: urethane, water-based acrylic paint

How to use
Make a hole in the ground of the model, insert and fix it.

Note: Since this is a handmade product by craftsmen, there are individual differences. Please note that the color, size, and shape may differ from the actual product.
Note: Product names, prices, appearance, specifications, etc. are subject to change without notice by the manufacturer or distributor.

Information editing: Sakatsu Gallery

Handmade, Heartmade. This is the rumored Art Tree!
overall tree shape, finely divided branches, and realistically translucent foliage.
Each 1 tree model is a handmade tree model made with care and attention to detail, with an unprecedented level of realism.

can even represent the sunlight in the trees when photographed.
Please visit to improve the quality of your dioramas and architectural models.

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