Nippon Tile Rain Receiver + Joint (2 pcs each) : Fujiya Unpainted Kit 1:12scale 103

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Fujiya's unpainted kit 1/12 size (the doll is about 14cm tall)

1/12 Scale Japanese Tile Series
These are used as rain catchers and their joints for tiled roofs.
Material: Plastic (resin)
Number of pieces: 2 pieces each

Please note that the images are prototypes and may differ from the actual product. Please note that the third image shows an example of the product in use.
Please note that this product is made of resin and may have burrs and pores.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

These 1/12 scale roof tiles are indispensable for building models of "Japanese houses".
The material is made of plastic material, so the coloring can be finished in your favorite colour.
Enjoy roofing your house as if you were a real roofer!

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