Framed work 'Garden' : Chizuko Sato Sugarhouse painted, 1:12 scale

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Chizuko Sato Sugarhouse Prepainted Scale 1/12

Size (approx): 180mm (W) x 100mm (D) x 240mm (H)

Represents a scene of gardening in a frame.
Button battery (CR2032) switch on the bottom. Bird cage with LED lighting.
All parts are pre-glued.
Front transparent panel opens and closes horizontally. The text is handwritten.
The terracotta plant pot and the test tube on the left wall are made by the artist and personalised.
The exterior of the body is finished in a plaster style.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

A brick wall with driftwood shelves and a layout of miscellaneous items.

A window in the front is decorated with roto-iron.
Lighting with a birdcage on a stool. When lit, a gentle orange light leaks out, creating a very nice atmosphere.
From the ceiling is a wicker basket, woven one by one. It's nice to be surrounded by things you love.
The frame is in the original colour of sugar blue, accented on the inside with decorative sticks. The inside of the frame is clearly visible.
The rust on the tinplate is done with paint.
The rust effect on the tinplate is achieved using paint, so there is no risk of rash.

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