Black Gothic No. 00: Nishino Tenshodo brush, Non-scale

Black Gothic No. 00: Nishino Tenshodo brush, Non-scale

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Brushes by Nishino Tenshodo, non-scale

When you buy a Nishino Tenshodo brush
�@The tips of Nishino Tenshodo brushes are hardened with nuno seaweed. When starting to use a new brush, gently unravel the tip in running water or lukewarm water with your fingers.
Never use a paint bottle or plate to unravel the tip. This can break the bristles.
The broken bristles do not return to their original position and the broken bristles can adversely affect the overall movement of the tip, making it difficult to write.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

�@The brush was originally designed for professional use in design, engraving, photo correction and painting.
Only the longest tips of the finest bristles are used, so that the tip of the ear is strong and the whole ear has the perfect balance of suppleness and power.
The tips are perfectly aligned, making them ideal for drawing strong, constant width lines.

�@The bristles are made from the hair of the tail of the weasel, which lives in the northeast of China, around the former Manchuria.
The hair on the tip and underside of the tail is often rubbed, so the tip of the hair, the most important part of the brush, is damaged.
Furthermore, animals also have habitual or fine hair, so we only use the longest, thickest and most habitual hair from the upper surface of the tail.
Because we select the hair so far at the raw stage, the price of the hair is higher than that of gold (for the same weight).

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