High School Girl (Showa Ver. - Reading) : Kt Kobo - Complete Painting HO (1:80) C01S-80

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Made by Kt Kobo, pre-painted, HO (1/80) size, 170cm person, approx. 2cm

High school girl (Showa version, reading)

Part Number: C01S-80
Number of doll: 1 painted doll

Note: The doll is painted by hand and may differ from the picture.
Note:Product names, prices, appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice by the manufacturer or distributor.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a pre-painted doll of a high school girl sitting and reading.
She is sculpted to look like she is sitting on a station bench or in a car seat.
The doll can be made to sit on a step of about 5mm just right.

The molding is highly detailed as only "Kt Kobo" can do, which has been called the Japanese prizer.
The prototype is created using 3D CAD data and then cut using our own 3D engraving machine.

Based on this prototype, a mould is made and formed several at a time.
In addition, all the assembly and painting is done by hand, which means that this is not a mass-produced model, but rather one that takes a tremendous amount of time to complete.
For the above reasons, production quantities are limited.

For this reason the production is limited.

Elaborate dolls are the hallmark of Kt Kobo's product range

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