Japanese Style Room Kit 4.5 Tatami-mat Full Set : Craft Workshop Chic Papa Kit 1:12 Scale TP-KS-004

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Craft Workshop Chic Papa Kit 1/12 Scale

Japanese room kit 4.5 tatami full set

Part Number: TP-KS-004
Contents: Various Japanese style room kits
Approx. W25.4 x D25 x H23.3cm

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Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

New products from the newly launched brand "Craft Studio Chic Papa" by Chic Skirt, a dollhouse creator!
This is a 1/12 scale dollhouse kit with a Japanese room theme.
This 1/12 scale dollhouse kit features a Japanese style room complete with tatami mats, shoji screens and sliding doors.

Please note that we also have �yBasic set version excluding Ranma and Ranma Shoji at a slightly reduced price�z and [6 tatami size] is also available, so please be careful not to make any mistakes.

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