Chochin Hanging (Red) : Kobaru Unpainted Kit N (1:150) MA-03NR

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Kobaru unpainted kit, N (1/150) size

Set contents
1 set of Chochin hanging, 6 sets of Chochin (red), 1 set of decals
This set is enough to hang all 6 chochin.
Note:Please use the optional chip LED to light up the lanterns.

Photo shows assembled, painted and incorporated into a diorama, as provided by the manufacturer. People, buildings and dioramas are not included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a set of chochin which can be made to glow when LED is built in, and a torii-shaped chochin hanging.
The Chochin can be used without LED, but the glowing tiny Chochin is beautiful and attracts a lot of attention.

�E½ƒChochin Hanging Series Others>
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Pre-wired Chip LED (bulb colour)

Pre-wired Chip LED (White)
0.1mm Polyurethane Copper Wire (Set) 10m each Red and Clear

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