Lattice Fence : Kobaru Unassembled Kit N (1:150) MP-22

Lattice Fence : Kobaru Unassembled Kit N (1:150) MP-22

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Kobaru unpainted assembly kit N(1/150), human height is about 1cm size

Meister Series Etching Parts
2 types of lattice, 4 sizes each, total 8 types, 2 pieces each, essential for ground floor windows.
Gratings for larger windows, with handrails.
Set includes: 8 types of lattice, 2 each

Note: Due to the nature of the product, some parts may be sharp. Please take care when assembling and handling this product as it is very bendable.

The photos are provided by the manufacturer and show the diorama as it is built. The building and diorama are not included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a model of a wooden fence which is used for various purposes such as partitioning gardens and open spaces, blindfolding and gardening.
It is also ideal for camouflaging spare empty or dead space.

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