Rooftop sign A: Sankei Kit N (1:150) MP04-79

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Sankei Paper (Paper) Kit N (1/150) Size

Miniatuart Petit: Nostalgic Diorama Series Diorama Option
�E½@Rooftop signboard A]
You can make one large and one small rooftop signboard.
Set includes: laser sheet (3 sheets), assembly instructions
Size when completed: Large: W50 x D14 x H23mm
�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@�E½@Small: W25 x D14 x H23mm
Age range: 12 years and over
Assembly time: approx. 1 hour

The photos are examples provided by the manufacturer. Please note that colour tones and details may vary.
The sharp-edged building A shown in the second picture is not included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

The trusses of the framework are nice and sharp...
We can make one large and one small sign for each of you!
In addition to the image on the right, one more type of signboard advertisement is included, so please add your own signboard of your choice~

We'd love to have a sign on the roof of your building!
�E½ƒSankei Building Lineup
Building A
Building B
Acute Angle Building A

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