Castle in the Sky [Locomotive and Automobile] : Sankei Kit N(1:150) MK07-12

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Sankei Paper (Paper) Kit N (1/150) Size

Miniatuart Kit
Set includes: laser sheets A to O (15 sheets), figure sheet (1 sheet), printing sheet (1 sheet), assembly instructions
Size when completed: W180 x D40 x H120mm
Age range: 12 years and over
Time required for assembly: approx. 7 hours
Planning: Studio Ghibli, Sankei Corporation
From the movie "Castle in the Sky" [Locomotive and Automobile]

The photo is an example of work provided by the manufacturer. Please note that colour tones and details may vary. The background is not included.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

In the movie "Castle in the Sky", Pazuzu goes through the town to protect Sita from the pirates Dora and his family, and rides a small locomotive to the next town.
When Dora and her friends realise this, they chase after the fleeing pair and blast them over the railway tracks in an auto-mobile!

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