Cherry Blossom approx. 6.5-7cm : Kigusa BUNKO Completed Non-Scale SA1

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Kigusa BUNKO finished product, non-scale N (1/150) to HO (1/80) recommended, doll 1-2cm size

Cherry blossom

Part Number: SA1
Size: approx. 6.5 - 7 cm high
Number of pieces: 1 piece
Main material: water-resistant paper, wire, natural plant material, acrylic paint (insertable)

Note: Due to the nature of the production process, individual variations in foliage, colour and branching may occur.
Note:Product names, prices, appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice by the manufacturer or distributor.

Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This is a product of Kigusa BUNKO, a company that produces plant sceneries for model railway layouts and dioramas.

A complete model of a cherry tree, handcrafted from root to branch

Each cherry tree is individually handcrafted using paper, wire and acrylic paint, giving it a realistic feel unlike mass-produced models.
The detailed petals of the flower are a particular highlight.
Ideal for use in model railways and dioramas, but also stunning enough to be placed as a single indoor object!
The height is about 6.5-7cm and the scale is recommended for use in N (1/150) to HO (1/80).

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Note:Due to the production process, the foliage and branching of the plants may vary.

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