Happy Christmas Rail and Street In Frame : Nobuko Kameda Pre-painted Non-scale

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Nobuko Kameda Pre-painted Non-scale

In-frame series for easy display in your room, entryway or desk

Size (approx): 110mm (W) x 80mm (D) x 80mm (H)
Note: LED illuminated. Switch on the back. Uses one button battery (CR2032).

Due to handmade work, details may vary.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

The joyful atmosphere of Christmas is concentrated in Nobuko Kameda's in-frame style work. This is an in-frame style work by Nobuko Kameda.
Beyond a coniferous forest, a railway line runs up a hill. At the end of the track is a cityscape of churches and houses huddled together.
And at the flick of a switch, these little houses are lit up! The warm light spilling out of the fine windows and the cold moonlight make for a winter's night.

In Frame
A small, three-dimensional world trapped inside a tiny picture frame! This series of dioramas are palm-sized and can be placed anywhere, making them easy to display and enjoy.
The case also reduces the risk of dust and damage. It will last longer. It is also a great gift idea.

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