Gardening In Frame : Nobuko Kameda Pre-painted Non-scale

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Nobuko Kameda Pre-painted Non-scale

In-frame series for easy display in your room, entryway or desk
Due to the handmade nature of the artwork, the placement and colours may vary from those shown in the photos.

Size (approx): 135mm wide x 80mm deep x 105mm high
Note: Button battery (CR2032x1) power supply on the bottom. The switch can be used to control one LED light ON/OFF, and the volume can be dimmed by turning it with a precision screwdriver.
The frame can not be removed.
The frame is not removable.
Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

An in-frame style work by Nobuko Kameda, recreating a stylish garden in miniature with flowers in bloom.
Each flower petal and leaf is handcrafted and painted. The scene you've always dreamed of is squeezed into the palm of your hand!
You can also enjoy the charming night scene with the LED lighting of the lantern that illuminates your feet.

A three-dimensional, tiny world trapped inside a tiny picture frame! This series of dioramas are palm-sized and can be placed anywhere, making them easy to display and enjoy.
The case also reduces the risk of dust and damage. It will last longer. It is also a great gift idea.

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