8002 Display set for traffic control van: ONLY RED Detail up 1:150

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ONLY RED unpainted kit 1:150 size

Display unit: 1pc
Front Window of Display Unit: 1pc.
Upper Revolving Light (Government Fee): 1pc.
Upper Revolving Light (Metropolitan):1pc.
Upper Revolving Lamp (Prefectural/Town):1 unit.
Pedestal for the Revolving Lamp (TMG):1 piece.
Pedestal for Revolving Lamp (For Rear):1piece.
Revolving lights for area checkpoints:1

Precautions for use
The photo shows an assembled and painted example. This product is an advanced 3D part for the Collection Series. After cutting out the parts from the runner, please attach them to the base vehicle (sold separately), then prime and paint.

The product contains very small parts. Please take care not to lose any of the parts during the construction process. Please take care not to injure yourself with sharp parts.
Please keep out of the reach of children.
Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

This set modifies the collection series to reproduce the accident treatment vehicle, an indispensable part of the lane regulation.
The vehicles that can be produced depend on the components that are combined.
You can produce one of the following vehicles:
Accident disposal vehicles (government funded) (prefectural funded) (metropolitan funded)
signposted vehicle
Area Warning Vehicles
road patrol car
Follow Me Car

The motto of the collection series is to add a little more to the existing products to make them closer to the real car. 1

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