2004 Fire Command Vehicle (Tokyo FD) : ONLY RED Unpainted Kit 1:150

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ONLY RED unpainted kit 1:150 size

Body: 1pc
Tyres: 1 set (4 single tyres)
Revolving lights: 1 set (1 each front and rear)

Caution for use
The photo shows an assembled and painted example. This product is 3D printed resin unpainted and unassembled. Please use nippers or cutters to carefully separate the body from the support material, and then use surfacer to apply the base coat before painting.
The product contains very small parts. Please take care not to lose any of them when working. Please take care not to injure yourself with sharp parts.
Please keep out of the reach of infants and young children as there is a risk of accidental ingestion.
Information edited by Sakatsu Gallery

YouTube "How to remove supports from 3D printed products" (video produced by ONLY RED)

The third model in the firefighting collection is the firefighting command vehicle!
Modeled after a car that is active in the capital, it also features a rear door that is emblem-less.
The rotating light is represented by a separate, highly transparent part.

The motto of the collection series is to add a little more to the existing products to make them closer to the real car. 1

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