Enoden Type100 Car No.107 (Trolley Pole Ver.) : Shin Tachikawa Finished product 1:80

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Shin Tachikawa Pre-painted 1/80 Size

Work size (including case): approx. 235mm wide, 115mm deep, 160mm high

Base Kit: Modemo's "Enoden Type 100 Car 107 (Trolley Pole Specification)

Note: The car is already glued to the work.
Acrylic cover can be removed by pulling it upwards.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

Modemo's kit of the same name, assembled and painted, and finished in diorama style.
The prototype's power collector, which was a pantograph during its working life, was retired in 1980, replaced by a pole, and donated to Kamakura City. It is still preserved in the multipurpose ground in the Kamakura Seaside Park, Yuigahama area, and has been made to resemble its condition.
This is a fictional model of what it would have been like if it had been kept in its present state.
The car's weathering paintwork tells the story of No.107, which ran from 1931 to 1980 and was nicknamed Tankoro because of its single-track operation.
The scene is reminiscent of the area around Gokurakuji, with its level crossings, steep slopes and hydrangeas.
This work of scenery carefully cuts out some of the most popular spots on the Enoden line.
How about displaying it by your desk to remind you of Kamakura?

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