Treasure Chest Set : Aurora Model Unpainted Kit O (1:48) - 1:35 Scale Kt-021

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Aurora Model unpainted kit in 1/48 - 1/32 scale

KT-021 Treasure Box Set
KT-021 Treasure Box Set includes 4 different types of treasure boxes. KT-021 Treasure Box Set
KT-021 Treasure Box Set
1/48 - 1/32 scale. 1/48 - 1/32 scale, white metal, 5 parts
Large treasure chest size: 17x11mm, height 13mm

Note: The photos are pre-painted reference examples provided by the manufacturer. The surrounding diorama is not included.

Information edit: Sakatsu Gallery

This is a set of four different models of treasure chests.
One of them has a lid that can be removed to reveal the treasure inside.
Ideal for use with character figures.
The kit is made of white metal and is unpainted, so you can paint it as you like.

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